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A Fast Recovery from Attic to Floor Level Flood Damage in Your Cumming Residence

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Fast Recovery from Attic to Floor Level Flood Damage in Your Cumming Residence No matter how large or small the damage may be, SERVPRO will be there to restore.

SERVPRO Can Get Your Attic and Floor Back to Pre-Storm Condition Quickly and Efficiently 

Water lines can break anywhere along their lengths, either on the tubing itself or at a joint or other connection. When a water supply line breaks apart, water comes bursting out at several gallons per minute, regardless of its location.

Cumming homes that have any flood damage need fast and reliable mitigation services started immediately. When a break is, by chance, located in the attic, that water is not only going to spread from one side of the attic to the other, but a large portion of that water is also going to come downward. As it is brought down by gravity, water is also absorbed by both the exterior sides of walls and the interiors of those walls.

When water comes from an overhead position, drywall is bathed in water on both sides. Electrical wiring can short out and switch boxes can become full of water, rendering the circuits within broken and unusable.

Both ceilings in a two-story home with overhead flooding are often damaged unequally, with the upper floor ceiling being impacted the hardest, and usually left beyond simple repair. The lower floor's ceiling may escape major, catastrophic damage and with some repairs being made instead, be as good as new.

The attic floor is often saturated and until this is completely dried, the ceiling repairs for the second level cannot be completed. If insulation was present in the attic, it needs to be replaced. Insulation that has been wet can rarely be saved after this type of incident.

Carpeting can often be restored, however, if care is taken to not allow stretching of the fibers or backing during the drying process. The sub-flooring must also be completely dried out as well. After this is completed, sanitizing and deodorization are also done, leaving everything like new, but without the sometimes offensive 'new carpet' smell.

Structural deficits that occur because of overhead flooding can also happen, and at SERVPRO, our water damage technicians are trained to handle this. Restoring your home so that it is once again “Like it never even happened” is a specialty of ours. We want your home not only to look like it should but also to be as safe as it should be.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

From woodwork to wallpapers and painting to carpeting and underlay to electrical and plumbing, and everything in between, we know how to bring your home back to how you remember it, once again, and quickly. Call us when you have any degree of flood damage. We, SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties, are local, and only a phone call away. Contact us, 24/7, at (770) 887-1962.

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A Fast Response Reduces Costs Associated With Fire Damage In Your Cummings Area Home

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage A Fast Response Reduces Costs Associated With Fire Damage In Your Cummings Area Home Never Leave Stove Top Cooking Unattended in Cumming, Fire Damage Happens

SERVPRO Rapidly Removes Smoke and Soot Residue to Save Your Belongings

The condition of your home and the choices you make after a fire occurs can make a severe impact on any costs associated with your recovery. You need to begin your restoration as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage caused by a mixture of water, smoke, and soot residues.  

A professional restoration technician understands that a quick response helps control fire damage occurring on your Cumming area property. The longer you take to make the call, the likelier you are to experience additional damages. Do yourself a favor and locate an IICRC certified remediation company in your area, before you need any help.
SERVPRO’s IICRC certified restorers have the training and experience necessary to test materials and apply the proper restoration techniques to return items caught in the fire to a usable condition. The results may not always be perfect, and some items might not make it, that does not mean that you cannot come out on top.
Within minutes of firefighters extinguishing your fire, acid residues begin staining plastics with a yellow hue, cause small appliances near the source of the fire to become discolored, and permanently stain highly porous materials such as marble. If you wait hours, plumbing fixtures begin to stain; uncoated metals tarnish, countertops yellow, finishes on appliances and furniture further away begin to discolor as well.
If for some reason it takes days or even weeks to contact a company like SERVPRO, these acidic residues can cause severe damage to your walls, corrosion and rusting of metal, along with damaging the finish on wood furniture, vinyl flooring, upholstery, and fabric items permanently. Restoration costs escalate feverishly at this point, causing glass, crystal, china, and even silver to corrode and etch.
You need to give SERVPRO fire damage restoration technicians an opportunity to clean residues created by smoke, soot, and ash as soon as possible. Even the few hours it takes for them to respond can make it difficult to recover some items, but they increase your chances considerably.
Contact SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties to schedule your initial inspection and begin your home’s restoration, today. (770) 887-1962

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Water Removal and Restoration Gets Cumming Rec Center Back in Business

6/27/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Removal and Restoration Gets Cumming Rec Center Back in Business Make sure that your basketball court recovers after water damage by calling the technicians at SERVPRO quickly after damage.

Team SERVPRO Gets Your Center or Business Back to Operational After Water Damage

Plumbing failures spread the misery of standing water throughout your commercial building. Your focus must move toward solving the water problem before you return to your vision of serving your community with a place to meet, play, and improve in a variety of games and sports. SERVPRO has the experienced staff and specialized equipment to complete the restoration.
A major pipe sprung a leak, flooding your gymnasiums with several inches of water. Although the hardwood is relatively resilient, you need to arrange for professional commercial water removal in your Cumming recreation center. You have thousands of square feet of varnished narrow plank flooring under water. We have industrial strength pumps and water extractors to make short work of moisture removal.
Our SERVPRO hardwood floor restoration specialists learned how to get rid of the visible water in IICRC sponsored classes before we even considered sending them out on their first job. We value both the instruction received and the lessons only hands-on experience delivers. Our crew treats a water removal job holistically, concentrating first on ridding the area of standing water and then taking all the steps necessary to ensure the structures affected are monitored for excess moisture and brought to the proper moisture content through efficient drying technologies.
Wood floors need particular care as warping, buckling, and cupping happens all too quickly if drying goals are poorly established and implemented. The surface planking presents one issue while the subflooring interferes with proper restoration if its drying needs go ignored. SERVPRO crew members measure the moisture of both levels of the flooring while active drying completes, using air movers, dehumidifiers, and drying mats to pull excess water out of both layers. Patience is necessary as it can take weeks to a month or two to reduce the wetness to below 12 percent, the sweet spot for wooden floor sanding and refinishing.
Hire a company that truly understands the science of water removal and drying when you contract with SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties. Be sure our phone number, (770) 887-1962, is on your speed dial, so we arrive quickly to your water damage emergencies

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Cumming Mold Damage Effects

6/1/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cumming Mold Damage Effects Cumming Home Rebuild After Severe Mold Damage Gets Done by SERVPRO

From Simple to Demolition and Rebuild, SERVPRO Can Remediate Your Mold Problems in Cumming

Mold growth can be stopped quickly by removing the source of moisture. If the local environment is too dry, mold spores shrink and go dormant in a matter of days. Once dormant, the spores are no more harmful than normal house dust.

If mold damage in a Cumming home has gone unnoticed or ignored for too long, however, the only options remaining may be demolition and rebuilding. SERVPRO has the experience and training to deal with both options.

Demolition of the mold-infested property has its set of requirements. When the growth is thick enough, technicians must wear protective clothing to include masks and goggles. In extreme cases, breathing gear is needed. This additional gear slows down the process, adding to labor and equipment costs.

Certain types of mold may require disposing of the affected material by EPA and state environmental regulations. That may include bagging of property, placing mold infested structural items in a separate dumpster, and then disposing of it at specially designated waste sites.

Once the property is cleared out (to include drywall and ceiling tiles), we examine the structure. Floor, wall, and roof supports weakened by the mold require our technicians install additional columns, jacks, and other devices. Once set, they replace the damaged wood. If needed, our personnel can replace the floor right down to the foundation.

If the wall frames need extensive replacement, we make certain to have the original blueprints before starting. If it is possible, we can adjust the placement of the walls to expand room size or even add a room to the existing floorplan. Our technicians and carpenters can also rebuild and redesign the roof as long as the changes do not exceed stress requirements of the home. SERVPRO can provide technicians to remediate mold damage from small patches to entire structures. We stress our goal of remediating, rather than replacing or rebuilding. We always offer what is in the best interest of our customers.

Restoring and rebuilding a home after a mold infestation can be a complicated process. SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties is here to help you put it all back together, even if we need to start from the ground up. Call us at (770) 887-1962 today to get started.

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The Big Challenge of Repairing Water Damage in Cumming Crawlspaces

5/29/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Big Challenge of Repairing Water Damage in Cumming Crawlspaces Water damage in your crawlspace can get neglected and lead to mold developing over time. Call SERVPRO to avoid any secondary mold damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Experience and Tools to Handle Water Damage Restoration in ALL Parts of Your Home

There are some areas of a home which are much trickier than others to repair. Unfortunately, in many cases, these are also the most vulnerable spots. The crawlspace is a great example. Normally, it is close to the ground (often directly underneath the house), so it is the first place to fill up with water if there is a natural flood. Similarly, the crawlspace is vulnerable to internal leaks, because gravity forces the water downwards.

On the other hand, there doesn’t even have to be much excess water for a problem to develop. As it is darker than the rest of the house, without direct access to heating, damp can linger and start to generate mold after a time. Fortunately, SERVPRO has plenty of experience repairing water damage in Cumming crawlspaces. We have a range of tools designed specifically for small, enclosed areas.

Gaining Access

To access the crawlspace, it might be necessary to remove floorboards and sections of underlying components (like underfloor heating). It allows us to lower or direct dehumidifiers and fans into the affected area and start removing water vapor. All structural materials, underfloor components, and furniture is returned to its original position later.

Capturing Water Vapor

Often, crawlspaces are too tight and compact for direct contact. However, what SERVPRO can do is attach flex hoses to dehumidifiers and reach all four corners. Adding hoses does not compromise the quality of the drying process, but it does lengthen it. The water vapor has further to travel, so it takes longer to reach that all important ‘healthy’ humidity level.

Handling Wet Materials

If there is wet fiberglass inside the crawlspace, it may be salvageable. It depends on the severity of the damage and the length of exposure. It also depends on the source of the water damage. Groundwater contains contaminants and, therefore, fiberglass is not safe for use if it has made contact with these substances.

Encapsulating the Space

The most powerful long-term solution for water damage in crawlspaces is encapsulation. It is a comprehensive service which works to completely waterproof the area. Our encapsulation service includes the sealing of cracks, fissures, and entry points. Then, a vapor barrier is applied to vulnerable surfaces to make it harder for water to collect there. Finally, SERVPRO uses polyethylene liners to protect the atmosphere from any moisture which might build up on walls, ceilings, or floors.

SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties is a local water damage repair and restoration service. We are in your neighborhood, and there are several different ways to contact the team. You can use our handy mobile app, or you can call us 24/7 at (770) 887-1962.

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Garden Supply and Nurseries with Sprinkler Snafus Benefit from Commercial Water Removal in Cumming

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Garden Supply and Nurseries with Sprinkler Snafus Benefit from Commercial Water Removal in Cumming Cumming Commercial Water Damage and Contaminants Are Handled by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Safely Removes Contaminated Water

There could be many reasons why a sprinkler system goes haywire and releases more water than needed in a garden nursery. Timers malfunction, lines break, fittings and connections can burst apart, and any of these mishaps can be the cause behind standing water. When this water has been in contact with soil, fertilizers, and other plant and seedling elements, it can no longer be considered as 'clean' but has become contaminated.
In situations where water has overflowed in a Cumming garden supply and nursery, commercial water removal is often the best choice as it protects employees, customers, and inventory from additional harm. SERVPRO has the technicians well-suited for the job, no matter how large, or how much contamination exists. We are trained according to IICRC standards, and our certifications are broadly acknowledged. Being local, we can respond Faster To Any Size Disaster, meaning your business is cleaned up as quickly as possible.
Professional removal of standing water is the best way to get your garden shop operating normally again. When contaminated water is present, this can pose safety hazards to customers and staff. While the chemicals may be known to your employees and even sold to your client base, those same chemicals change when exposed to water. Substances that were previously nontoxic can be rendered harmful to people.
When a sprinkler system functions abnormally, gallons of water can end up throughout a nursery, and the path that the water travels can include merchandise that otherwise might remain intact if water had come in at ground level. Much of the merchandise affected by this type of malfunction can often be saved if water removal starts soon enough. More than pump trucks, SERVPRO removes all the water that can create a damaging atmosphere, protecting your investment from the damaging effects of water.
Making a call to SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties at (770) 887-1962 is what any over-watered garden supply and nursery needs. We know water removal can seem simple, but when contamination exists, it is always better to have knowledgeable and certified professionals perform all necessary work.

Get Mold Damage In Your Cumming Home Under Control Today

4/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Get Mold Damage In Your Cumming Home Under Control Today Mold Damage to a Wall in Cumming & SERVPRO Remediation and Cleanup

SERVPRO Provides Professional Mold Remediation in Cumming Properties

Remediation means the action of remedying, reversing, or stopping environmental damage; basically, it means to control or alter circumstances that make mold growth in your home possible, it does not mean removal. Keep in mind that total removal of mold spores in your home is simply not possible.
Mold damage in your Cumming area home is much more than unsightly; it can contain a variety of organisms that could affect your family's health. Regardless of the amount or type of mold that exists on your property, if left untreated, can lead to problems that you simply are not equipped to handle properly.
A quality mold remediation company, like SERVPRO, physically removes contaminated materials, using a variety of quality cleaning and deodorization services necessary to regain control of mold growth in your home. We help contain contaminated areas, dispose of infested materials, and return your property to a quality pre-mold damage condition.
Recovering from exposure to mold is easier than you may think. However, without taking the proper safety and handling steps to ensure containment, you could end up spreading mold spores throughout your home, without even realizing it is happening. That is until growth occurs in other areas of your home, days or even weeks later.
There are companies online that tell customers how well they can remove mold and eliminate dangerous mold found in their households. However, mold exists within our eco-system, as a part of the process to recycle decaying materials. We would not want to eliminate it entirely, nor should we. Moreover, we cannot. Which is why SERVPRO uses no nonsense, straight forward containment methods, handling and disposing of exposed materials using EPA-registered detergents to control the spread and clean the contained area after removal of any items with untreatable growth.
SERVPRO technicians are IICRC professionally certified with years of experience dealing with mold damaging situations of all sizes. Whether you have a small space or your entire home contaminated by mold, we have the personnel and equipment available to perform the services you need.
Contact SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties for further explanation of our mold remediation process or to schedule an appointment today. We can help you get things under control. (770) 887-1962

SERVPRO Takes Care Of Your Belongings During A Pack-Out After Fire Damage To Your Cumming Home

4/13/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Takes Care Of Your Belongings During A Pack-Out After Fire Damage To Your Cumming Home SERVPRO's Equipment Can Clean Teddy After Fire Has Damaged Your Cumming Home

Cleaning and Storing Smoke and Soot Damaged Items During Restoration

Fire wreaks havoc on your home and belongings. In some cases, the blaze is severe enough that you need to move out of your home while it is being restored. If there has been significant damage or a lot of remodeling is required, moving to temporary living accommodation is often the most practical solution.
SERVPRO understands that moving out of your Cumming home after fire damage is upsetting. You are concerned about your belongings and where to store them, and how to clean them if they are covered in soot. We offer a pack-out service that ensures your contents are handled carefully and cleaned as much as possible - “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO technicians come prepared with trucks kitted out with pads, straps and furniture blankets to move your furniture and belongings safely. A full inventory is executed, so nothing is lost or misplaced. We co-ordinate your pack-out with the contractors, typically we can do all the rebuild, who are restoring your home so that the restoration and reconstruction remain on schedule.
SERVPRO does not just move your possessions. We clean them thoroughly so that they arrive back at your home in a better state than they left. The storage facility is equipped with everything necessary for cleaning your belongings after a fire. We utilize the Esporta Wash system for soft items such as sports equipment, stuffed animals, cushions, and leather. This system uses hydraulic action and powerful detergents to deep clean material in a way that is effective but gentle enough for soft furnishings. Our customers are amazed how belongings thought lost in the fire are back in their rebuild homes.
For many other items, there is ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is effective against soot stains and damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians use ultrasonic waves to agitate water or detergent and push it deep into the soot-stained material. Ultrasonic cleaning is also excellent at getting into difficult nooks and crannies to clean even stubborn marks.

Some items benefit from freeze-drying after a fire. Books are a good example of items that benefit from freeze-drying. Books are very personal items, and the loss of them after fire damage can be stressful. Lyophilization, vacuum freeze drying, halts the damage and stops further problems from developing through the sublimation of the moisture directly to a vapor state.
We train our experts to handle your possessions with the same care they show for their own belongings. Our aim is to make pack-outs stress-free and short as possible so you can resume normal life after a fire. "Like it never even happened."
If you need help moving your belongings after fire damage, give SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson counties a call at (770) 887-1962.

Reconstruction To Your Cumming Home Due To Storm Damage

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Reconstruction To Your Cumming Home Due To Storm Damage Reconstruction of your home needs to start immediately in order to prevent further loss and put your life back together.

Storm Damage Restoration

A disaster brings devastation to every community and this year has been no different. Area homes have been hit by enough wind and water for nearly a year, and spring had barely gotten underway. Reconstruction of your Cumming home needs to start immediately in order to prevent further loss and put your life back together.

SERVPRO has years of experience in restoration, keeps a skilled team on call 24/7, and maintains one of the largest equipment inventories in the business to do just that in a fast and professional manner. We provide general contracting services to include reframing and reroofing. Team members carefully follow the original floorplans to make certain new walls look the same as the old ones. If a storm has damaged an exterior wall, we can lay new bricks or hang new siding. Once construction is finished, we repaint the inside and outside both to make it look just like the pictures in your family albums.

If you want to use this situation to make changes, our technicians can redesign window framing and expand a single doorframe into one big enough for a set of double doors. Our team can even add or subtract windows and doors as long as we continue to meet county and state building codes. In addition to the actual rebuilding, we also work with your insurance company. With decades in the restoration business, our offices collaborate with every major insurance agency in the state of Georgia. Local agents and regional offices pay out for services quicker when they have a professional company providing regular reports and submitting detailed invoices for supplies and labor. It is a very simple rule we follow: The sooner you get paid, the sooner we get paid. That also means you return to your home sooner as well.

Rebuilding your home after a disaster can take weeks and even months. The stress of living in temporary quarters and the anxiety from worrying about the repair cost puts unneeded strain on you and your family. SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties is here to take the strain off your shoulders and help you to return to your normal life as quickly as we can. Call us today at (770) 887-1962 to get started.

Carpet Cleaning After Flood Damage To Your Cumming Home

3/14/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Carpet Cleaning After Flood Damage To Your Cumming Home SERVPRO Restores Carpets After Flooding in Your Cumming Home

You Do Not Want to Be "Cumming" Home to Wet Carpets, Call SERVPRO

When Hurricane Matthew hit Georgia in October of 2016, residents saw for themselves just how much damage severe weather can do. With severe flooding affecting the county, many homeowners found themselves facing a challenging and prolonged cleanup job.
Flood damage is not always as dramatic as being caught in a hurricane. Seepage from the basement of your home or runoff from the garden during bad weather can quickly cause flood damage to your house. If you have had the misfortune to suffer flood damage to your Cumming home, one of the major parts of the cleanup process is restoring your carpets to their pre-flood condition. It is an unfortunate fact that carpets quickly absorb flood water. If carpets are left untreated, there is a real risk of mold growing in them. This does not only smell bad; it can also become a health hazard for everyone in your household.
Whether or not your carpets can be saved depends on the type of flood water they were exposed to and the length of time. If the flood water contained sewage, your carpets are not salvageable. In most other cases your carpets can be saved if they get the right treatment. Our SERVPRO team comes with all the necessary treatment agents and equipment to get your carpets clean and dry as quickly as possible. Our aim is to give your carpet such a thorough workover that our slogan is appropriate-- "Like it never even happened."
Before we can treat your carpet, we need to extract all water from the surrounding area. Our IICRC certified professionals come with both hand-held and truck mounted water extraction equipment to clear your home of the flood water. Once that is done, we turn our attention to your carpets. We dry under and around your carpets using powerful fans and dehumidifiers, to dry them out as quickly as possible and prevent mold growth. We can lift the carpeting from the tack strips and "float" them as we inject rapid air circulation. This effort greatly enhances the drying time and offers a better chance of a full restoration.
The final stage in carpet cleaning after a flood is to deodorize. Your home will not really feel like yours again until the damp flood smell has gone, which is why our technicians are trained to deodorize your carpets and leave them smelling clean. We can fog your carpets, HVAC systems, and wall voids with our SERVPRO odor control system to get rid of any odors.
If your carpets have been damaged by flood water, let SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson counties assist you. Call us at (770) 887-1962 to arrange a visit.