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3 Strategies To Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 3 Strategies To Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home Moisture cause mold to a Cumming, GA wall home.

How To Control Mold In Your Home

Controlling mold growth in your Cumming, GA , home might be challenging for you as a homeowner because mold spores can attach and multiply due to high humidity, water damage and an abundant food supply that includes wood and drywall. However, there are a few strategies you can use to prevent mold from taking hold in your home, even if you live in an area that sees wet, humid summers and damp winters.

1. Check Water Pipes Often

Even small or slow leaks from your home’s water pipes can encourage mold to grow, so checking them at least once a month can be important. Both interior and exterior pipes that run along walls can be vulnerable to leaks or bursting in cold weather, so ensure they are well insulated once temperatures start to drop. Remember to let the hot water faucet drip and open kitchen and bathroom cabinets if you leave your home for long periods of time, as this can warm pipes and lower the risk of leaks and breaks.

2. Lower Your Home’s Humidity

Humid conditions make a prime environment for mold, whether it is the result of wet weather or a contained flood. You can lower your home’s humidity levels by investing in a dehumidifier, replacing old windows and installing low-flow shower heads to reduce moisture buildup and water damage in the bathroom.

3. Have Your Home Inspected

One effective fungi prevention tactic is to have your home inspected by a professional mold remediation and removal service. Experienced technicians know where mold is most likely to hide and what kind of damp conditions can contribute to its growth. Even if you do not see obvious evidence of a problem, having your home inspected annually could go a long way for mold prevention and preventing hidden infestations from taking hold.

Water damage, high humidity and other issues can encourage mold growth in your Cumming, GA , home. Being aware of these conditions and how to fix them may go a long way in keeping your property fungi free.

How To Solve a Noisy Pipe Problem

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Solve a Noisy Pipe Problem Call in a professional water repair team in Dawsonville, GA

How To Solve a Noisy Pipe Problem

Have you ever wondered why some pipes make a banging or squealing noise when the household faucets are turned on or off? Sometimes the noise only occurs at a single sink, while other times the noise can be heard throughout the house. Occasionally a horrible hammering can be heard in the walls that is loud enough to scare even the household ghosts away! While it can be confusing to understand, the problem of noisy pipes is probably due to air build-up or a narrow obstruction in the water lines, and it is often serious enough to cause a pipe break if not taken care of promptly.

Obstruction in the Lines

Homes built before 1960 typically used galvanized iron plumbing pipes that were sturdy but could easily corrode and break. After many years of use, cracks develop in the pipes from shifting earth or extreme water pressure. With each crack, not only can a pipe burst, but foreign items can also enter the pipe. They may include:

  • Gravel
  • Pieces of pipe
  • Packed dirt

To repair this type of problem, you generally need to fix broken pipe issues in the line. Call in a professional water repair team in Dawsonville, GA, to help you ascertain what your pipe break possibilities are.

Air in the Lines

Water coming into your home does so with a great deal of pressure. With that pressure, and amid the churning water, can come bubbles of air. When the air collects into a pocket near the valve, it can sound like the pipe in the wall is going to burst at any moment. Water specialists have an easy solution for what they call “water hammer.” It is a tiny air chamber placed in the water line. This device is considered easy to install near the problem faucet and usually remedies the situation immediately.

Noisy pipes are often not simply a nuisance; they can also be the start of a serious problem. Before you have a pipe break, call in a professional to remedy the situation.

Commercial Property Fire: How Fires Can Result in Water Damage

1/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Property Fire: How Fires Can Result in Water Damage If a fire occurs in your Cumming, GA business having a fire extinguisher can help

Three Common Methods to Extinguish Flames

While fire damage is apparent after a blaze, many business owners are shocked when they are confronted with a surprising amount of water destruction, especially when it occurs outside of the areas affected by the disaster. However, water and fire go hand in hand, and that is somewhat obvious when you consider that moisture is needed in these three common methods to extinguish flames.

1. Fire Hose

The most significant contributors to excessive water in your facility are the hoses used by firefighters to combat and resolve the blaze. These hoses operate at nearly 400 psi, going through gallons of water per second. Additionally, rescuers may need to douse other areas of your building to prevent the flames from spreading through your property onto someone else’s.

2. Fire Suppression System

While some suppression systems are designed only to operate where fire damage is occurring, others open all sprinklers throughout the building when heat is detected. Therefore, the type of suppression system you have can contribute to water buildup after a disaster.

3. Fire Extinguisher

Beyond the main moisture contributors, there are also fire extinguishers. While these are filled with CO2 or other extinguishing agents, they all leave behind residue and water damage. Though mandatory, these tools can contribute to the overall contamination to your property.

Despite the problems that all of these tools inflict on your commercial property, each is necessary and life-saving in its own right. When a fire occurs, it is more important to resolve the issue quickly than to worry about the potential damage. Insurers know the risks, which is why many provide coverage for
a disaster restoration specialist in the Cumming, GA, area who can help mitigate loss and restore operations.

Water and fire damage are a pair; you can’t have one without the other. However, with adequate insurance coverage, you can resolve and repair the issues sooner rather than later.

Water Heaters: What You Might Hear and What To Do About It

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Heaters: What You Might Hear and What To Do About It If you wake up to a groaning, rumbling water heater contact a residential plumber in Cumming, GA

If you wake up to a groaning, rumbling water heater, there's a very good chance something is wrong. The bad news is that ignoring the problem could lead to very expensive repairs. The good news is that you can usually identify the problem and work with Cumming, GA, residential plumbing professionals before the situation gets too expensive.


Those pops generally indicate too much sediment in the tank. Solid materials, such as sand or minerals, often settle to the bottom of the heater tank. The popping is the result of lime-scale build-up, mineral deposits, or floating sediment. A water heater flush should take care of the problem. Sometimes a reaction between water with high pH levels and an aluminum anode rod causes a popping sound. Switching to a magnesium anode rod could solve the problem.


This ominous sound indicates the presence of so much sediment that your water heater could quit working very soon. The rumbling usually occurs because water expands as it is heated and forces the sediment to move around. If you hear rumbling, contact a Cumming, GA, professional right away.


This may be a great sound when you're making breakfast, but if you hear hissing or sizzling in your water tank, the heating element is probably covered in sediment. This problem is often remedied by draining the tank and then removing and cleaning the element. Sizzling could also indicate restricted water flow. Check all of the valves. If the T&P relief, or safety, valve is hissing, shut down the heater and contact a professional.


Pressure fluctuations are usually the cause behind ticking noises. Take a look at water inlet and outlet fittings; these hook-ups could be the culprits. If you're not sure how to find these hook-ups, check with a local professional.

Too much sediment in the water heater is a common cause of many annoying noises but isn't the only problem likely to occur. If you can't quickly pinpoint the problem, contact a professional for more help.

What to Replace and What to Restore After a Home Fire

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

What to Expect During the Cleanup and Restoration Process

A fire in your home in Dawsonville, GA  can be devastating. Knowing what items can commonly be cleaned or restored and what you may have to throw away can give you an idea of what to expect during the cleanup and restoration process.

1. Textiles

Often, clothes and other items made of cloth, like rugs, sheets or duvets, can be restored if they haven’t been burned. If items only have minimal damage, they may require less treatment. However, if items are covered in soot and carry the odor of smoke, the process of cleaning your textiles will be more thorough. When your textiles have been restored, they should not smell of smoke and should show little to no evidence of having been damaged.

2. Documents

Although you may think that you have to throw away documents and photographs because they cannot be salvaged, this isn’t always the case. Generally, photos and documents that are entirely illegible will not be able to be restored. However, if documents and photos are somewhat legible and aren’t burned, it’s sometimes possible for professionals to restore them with careful handling.

3. Electronics

Similarly to documents and photos, whether or not electronic items can be restored or should be replaced will depend on the extent of the fire damage. If your electronics show signs of major damage, such as having exposed wires, then it’s likely that they will need to be safely thrown out and replaced. However, if electronics don’t show signs of major damage, it’s often helpful for professionals to remove them from the home, especially if they have been exposed to levels of high heat.

Understanding the signs of having items that you likely need to throw away and knowing what belongings can often be restored can be cleaned can help you prepare for the process of cleanup. Many people find it helpful to work with fire restoration professionals who can help you better determine what items can be restored and the best methods of restoration.

Space Heater Safety 101

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

When trying to heat a Dahlonega, GA, home, the last thing any homeowner wants is a burned space heater. Fortunately, many space heaters now come with built-in safety features to help keep you and your family safe. Here’s what you may want to look for in your next space heater, along with some safety tips you can follow.

Safety Features Included in Most Space Heaters

Many space heaters include features to help ensure that they are safe to use. Some of the features you may want to look for include:

  • Sensors that detect if the unit is overheating and turn it off automatically
  • Sensors that detect if the unit has been tipped and turn it off automatically
  • Proper certification from an independent safety testing organization that clearly outlines performance
  • A cord sturdy and heat resistant at the length you need your heater to have
  • A ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI) plug that can help prevent electric shocks

Safe Space Heater Usage

Using the unit safely can help prevent a burned space heater. Keep your unit on the floor and in a level and nonflammable area. Do not use the space heater around water. Never leave the heater on unattended or in an area where pets or children may knock it over. It’s also recommended to keep the area around the heater clear of debris and to not use it in an area like a workshop where the fumes from flammable materials may be present.

What To Do If a Fire Occurs

In the event a fire does occur, it’s important to get it out as quickly and safely as possible. Always follow proper fire safety procedures. Afterward, a fire damage restoration service can help with repairs and smoke cleanup.

It’s important to follow proper usage guidelines and to pay attention to the safety features in your heater in order to help prevent a house fire. If you have a burned space heater, a professional may be able to help with any cleanup and repairs needed in your home.

Protect Your Belongings From Water Damage In Cumming

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Protect Your Belongings From Water Damage In Cumming SERVPRO can work with any water damage under the rainbow... or just rain.

SERVPRO Offers Many Services to Restore Damage from Water to Your Cumming Property

A severe rainstorm whips through your area, tearing portions of your roof to shreds and causing small leaks to develop throughout your home.

When you have prepared for everything you can think of to protect your home in Cumming and water damage still seems to make its way in, turn to our professional staff for the quality services that you and your home deserve.

At SERVPRO we offer much more than water extraction and restoration services for your home.

Your family's furniture, clothing, personal items, and other belongings are often more valuable to you than anything else. We understand that and offer a wide variety of services to battle damages that may affect your personal belongings.
We offer both Move-Out and Pack-Out services to all of our customers when extensive restorations or cleaning of your belongings requires specific attention. These services provide you with a quicker remodeling process, while also protecting your items and contents from developing secondary damages from remaining on site.
SERVPRO technicians specialize in restoring contents affected by fire, water, or mold and provide their expertise to preserve precious keepsakes that you would not otherwise be able to replace. Each item is pretested to determine restoration quality before proceeding with various methods unique to each item's material.
Contact SERVPRO of Forsyth - Dawson Counties today for peace of mind when you need it the most. (770) 887-1962

What is an Esporta Wash System

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Dry cleaning or our Esporta Wash System is used to remove light residues or to pre-clean items requiring wet cleaning methods, to assist with the removal of moderate to heavy residues. A spray and wipe method is used on delicate items, while foam cleaning works effectively on upholstery fabrics that are prone to bleeding when wet. Water can transport various debris that affects staining, fabric degradation, and discoloration.
Water damaged electronics present hazards if not properly attended to after exposure. SERVPRO coordinates electronic item restorations such as televisions, DVD players, computers, laptops, and stereos with a qualified electronics technician to prevent further corrosion and damage. We wipe down and dry the exterior shells of these devices, but do not attempt to restore internal circuitry.
We also offer document and photograph drying services. Depending on the type and amount of exposure each document receives, there are several ways to help minimize additional damage and prevent any further deterioration of your documents. These include air drying, dehumidification, freeze drying, vacuum freeze drying, and vacuum thermal drying services.
Whenever the water damage on your property is extensive, we provide you with a solution to the worry and confusion of protecting your personal belongings by offering a content claim inventory service. This service involves maintaining an accurate, detailed room to room inventory of your contents, and provide bar coding when necessary to track your items and provide a burden of proof for insurance claims.

Cumming Mold Damage Effects

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cumming Mold Damage Effects Cumming Home Rebuild After Severe Mold Damage Gets Done by SERVPRO

From Simple to Demolition and Rebuild, SERVPRO Can Remediate Your Mold Problems in Cumming

Mold growth can be stopped quickly by removing the source of moisture. If the local environment is too dry, mold spores shrink and go dormant in a matter of days. Once dormant, the spores are no more harmful than normal house dust.

If mold damage in a Cumming home has gone unnoticed or ignored for too long, however, the only options remaining may be demolition and rebuilding. SERVPRO has the experience and training to deal with both options.

Demolition of the mold-infested property has its set of requirements. When the growth is thick enough, technicians must wear protective clothing to include masks and goggles. In extreme cases, breathing gear is needed. This additional gear slows down the process, adding to labor and equipment costs.

Certain types of mold may require disposing of the affected material by EPA and state environmental regulations. That may include bagging of property, placing mold infested structural items in a separate dumpster, and then disposing of it at specially designated waste sites.

Once the property is cleared out (to include drywall and ceiling tiles), we examine the structure. Floor, wall, and roof supports weakened by the mold require our technicians install additional columns, jacks, and other devices. Once set, they replace the damaged wood. If needed, our personnel can replace the floor right down to the foundation.

If the wall frames need extensive replacement, we make certain to have the original blueprints before starting. If it is possible, we can adjust the placement of the walls to expand room size or even add a room to the existing floorplan. Our technicians and carpenters can also rebuild and redesign the roof as long as the changes do not exceed stress requirements of the home. SERVPRO can provide technicians to remediate mold damage from small patches to entire structures. We stress our goal of remediating, rather than replacing or rebuilding. We always offer what is in the best interest of our customers.

Restoring and rebuilding a home after a mold infestation can be a complicated process. SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson Counties is here to help you put it all back together, even if we need to start from the ground up. Call us at (770) 887-1962 today to get started.

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SERVPRO Takes Care Of Your Belongings During A Pack-Out After Fire Damage To Your Cumming Home

12/6/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO Takes Care Of Your Belongings During A Pack-Out After Fire Damage To Your Cumming Home SERVPRO's Equipment Can Clean Teddy After Fire Has Damaged Your Cumming Home

Cleaning and Storing Smoke and Soot Damaged Items During Restoration

Fire wreaks havoc on your home and belongings. In some cases, the blaze is severe enough that you need to move out of your home while it is being restored. If there has been significant damage or a lot of remodeling is required, moving to temporary living accommodation is often the most practical solution.
SERVPRO understands that moving out of your Cumming home after fire damage is upsetting. You are concerned about your belongings and where to store them, and how to clean them if they are covered in soot. We offer a pack-out service that ensures your contents are handled carefully and cleaned as much as possible - “Like it never even happened.”
SERVPRO technicians come prepared with trucks kitted out with pads, straps and furniture blankets to move your furniture and belongings safely. A full inventory is executed, so nothing is lost or misplaced. We co-ordinate your pack-out with the contractors, typically we can do all the rebuild, who are restoring your home so that the restoration and reconstruction remain on schedule.
SERVPRO does not just move your possessions. We clean them thoroughly so that they arrive back at your home in a better state than they left. The storage facility is equipped with everything necessary for cleaning your belongings after a fire. We utilize the Esporta Wash system for soft items such as sports equipment, stuffed animals, cushions, and leather. This system uses hydraulic action and powerful detergents to deep clean material in a way that is effective but gentle enough for soft furnishings. Our customers are amazed how belongings thought lost in the fire are back in their rebuild homes.
For many other items, there is ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is effective against soot stains and damage. Our IICRC-certified technicians use ultrasonic waves to agitate water or detergent and push it deep into the soot-stained material. Ultrasonic cleaning is also excellent at getting into difficult nooks and crannies to clean even stubborn marks.

Some items benefit from freeze-drying after a fire. Books are a good example of items that benefit from freeze-drying. Books are very personal items, and the loss of them after fire damage can be stressful. Lyophilization, vacuum freeze drying, halts the damage and stops further problems from developing through the sublimation of the moisture directly to a vapor state.
We train our experts to handle your possessions with the same care they show for their own belongings. Our aim is to make pack-outs stress-free and short as possible so you can resume normal life after a fire. "Like it never even happened."
If you need help moving your belongings after fire damage, give SERVPRO of Forsyth and Dawson counties a call at (770) 887-1962.